Let's Stir Things Up

Let's Stir Things Up

September 18, 2017

We love a good comeback. Chokers, dark brown lipstick and now stirrups. Throw in bell bottom jeans and we'll call it heaven. 

So from a functional purpose, stirrups are great for classes where you go barefoot or with socks. Think about grabbing the back of your heal as you gracefully move into dancers pose or leveraging the fabric on your feet as you grip and glide on a megaformer. The added bonus is 80s glam. This is one of our favorite 80s looks. They totally make leggings chic. Something about that extra fabric popping through your heels just looks neat. 

We are here to show you how it can be done. 

In the below pic, we styled a high rise black stirrup legging with a one of our favorite tees, a moto vest and some slides. This look has major attitude. 

We then pulled up the stirrups, added a clear block heel, a clutch and once again a dash of major attitude. The length of this tee works great since this is a high rise legging. 

Photographer: @Barbarajayy & Model: Nykolerose