Meet the Face of KORE Run Club

Meet the Face of KORE Run Club

April 23, 2018

At KORE, we pride ourselves in building a strong community. We love getting to know you and we feel so fortunate when you share how your day was, what weekend plans you have cooking and what fuels your passions.

We plan to build off of this organic community by organizing a few upcoming events and next week, we’ll be kicking off with KORE Run Club led by Jenni Dubman from @SheRunsSF. Jenni visited our pop-up experience this past fall in Pacific Heights San Francisco. We became fast friends and she has been a huge supporter and advocate of our growth. Jenni is a runner, and when we say she is a runner, we mean she is a <R U N N E R>. She most recently ran a relay race through the desert and is gearing up for the San Francisco Marathon so we take her passion pretty seriously. We love Jenni’s enthusiasm for the sport, her dedication to cross-training and of course her style.

We hope you’ll join us on Wednesday, April 25th at 6:30P for a 3 mile run led by Jenni. We’ll be meeting at KORE Collective San Francisco: 1832 Union Street (between Octavia and Laguna) and the perfect post run refuel will be provided by our friends Après.

We wanted you to get to know Jenni so when you show up next week, you’ll feel like you know this friendly face. If you aren’t in San Francisco, run 3 miles on Wednesday, we’ll be there in spirit and tell us all about it. You can also follow Jenni on instagram for some great inspiration.

We asked Jenni:

KORE: When did you start running?

JENNI: I have been active all my life, I played soccer and danced from age 5 through high school, and experimented with some trial and error in other sports that mostly ended in error. I took a 4 year hiatus from all sports through college and I really took up running when I moved to San Francisco from Minneapolis in 2010 right after I graduated.  When I moved here right after school, pretty much all the money I made went to rent and running was a free way to get a workout in. I also used it to explore my new city on foot, I would map out routes to see the all the sites!

KORE: Why do you love to run? 

JENNI: I love to run because it never gets easier, you just get better. I always am setting goals, reaching them, and then setting new goals. I love that the only person you really compete with, is yourself.  It's a great space to zone out, think about your day, or think about nothing at all. I also equally love it alone or with a group. I've met some of my best friends and biggest inspirations through the running community!

KORE: What are some of your favorite trails?

JENNI: My home base is in the Marina, so I constantly love running by the water. I also enjoy running in the headlands for some great views, hard hills, and beautiful trails. 

KORE: What upcoming races are you training for?

JENNI: I am currently training for the San Francisco Full Marathon. 

KORE: What kind of cross training do you do?

JENNI: Yoga, spinning, and circuit training classes at the gym. I've been trying to incorporate more strength training.  

KORE: What kind of gear do you like to run in?

JENNI: I religiously run in the On Cloudflow shoes for the road and the On Cloudventure shoes for the trails. I wear all kinds of clothing brands to run, but hands down, my favorite leggings to lounge in and recover in are my purple snakeskin print Varley leggings <we swear we didn’t make her say that>.

KORE: What is your favorite post run snack? 

JENNI: I love food and sometimes I like to say I run so that I can eat all the food! But my post run snacks are all over the board, sometimes I really want watermelon right after a run or a protein smoothie or sometimes its pizza! Balance :) 

Pizza, marathons, Varley snake skin prints….what else could you ask? Looking forward to seeing you all this week! Drop us a line @ if you can make it or have any questions.



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